The Curaçao Film Liga shows a "prime movie" in the art house genre every month at The Movies Otrobanda.

In addition to the regular films for you as a member, the liga brings a quality film to The Movies every month, where our members receive a 25% discount on the ticket price!

Do you have movie tips you absolutely want to see, let us know and we will add it to the list.  You just might see it on the big screen soon!


What is the cost of a membership?

Becoming a member of the Curaçao Film Liga 2024 costs ANG 150,- a year. For this amount you can enjoy a high quality film every month for one year (January-December) in The Movies Otrobanda, or (sporadically) on location and you get 25% discount on selected movies at The Movies.

You can become a member via this site or via

How can I become a member?

Becoming a member can be done simply, by applying through this site or by sending an email to

Where and when will the films be screened?

The Curaçao Film Liga shows a movie every month. Normally is our location 'The Movies Otrobanda'. We are trying to keep Thursday as our regular day in 2023. Usually the screening starts at 7:30 pm.

The liga tries, if possible, to screen occasionally a movie on location elsewhere. Through email and this site, the league will notify members the name of the film, the location and time the film begins.

Can I still join during the year?

Becoming a member during the year is possible. However, one must pay the full fee of ANG 100, running until 2024.

The board is considering offering prospective members also the possibility, to join during the year, at a reduced rate. We will keep you informed.

May I bring an introductee?

Liga film screenings are exclusive to members. Members can become members during the current year through this site or at

Are the movies subtitled?

The liga tries to screen all films with English as the spoken language with subtitles in Dutch. Non-English language films (including Dutch-language films) are subtitled in English. 

Please note: a possible pre-show announcement in the cinema hall may be conducted in Dutch.

Are any other activities organized?

If possible, an introduction will be given in the auditorium before the screening. This introduction may be in Dutch. 

The intention is, again if possible, to sporadically screen a film on location. Our regular screenings are at 'The Movies Otrobanda'.

If the opportunity arises, a guest speaker may be present at the screening.

With enough money in the pocket, the league likes to organize another activity. Think for example of a drink or a theme night. 

Is there a maximum number of members?

The liga is accepting a maximum of 420 members for the 2023 due to the room size of our rented auditorium at "The Movies Otrobanda.

Feel free to ask us if this maximum has already been reached for this year at: