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 We are very pleased that so many members have taken the time to provide feedback on the CIFF. With a 47 ratings, the Film Days 2023 get an average rating from you of 8.2.


Here are some excerpts from your feedback:

+ Another trip around the world with a diverse range of unusual films.

+ It's great that people on this small island have taken the initiative and have kept it going all these years. Only praise.

- It's a pity that the local films were shown in such small rooms.

- The subtitles, the Movies really have to figure this out. My Persian and Moroccan is not that good!

Your opinion about the The Film Days.

 We are very pleased that so many members have once again taken the trouble to provide feedback on our latest screening. With a record number of no less than 90 reviews,

'The Blue Caftan' receives an average rating of 8.7 from you.

Here are some excerpts from your feedback:

+ The room was dead silent when the movie ended. The tenderness of the images is still fresh on my mind.

+ Beautiful film and beautifully nuanced in all aspects. I am glad that the film was shown and that I was able to see it. That is the value of the Film Liga. Show films that you otherwise would not get to see. Keep it going!

- A beautiful film, but too long-winded in my opinion ... too long ...

- Although it was  well acted and overall a good movie I did find that the story development very predictable.

Your opinion on the last screening: 'The Blue Caftan'.

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