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Gepubliceerd op 10 mei 2023 om 13:20

The Liga currently aims to show all films with subtitles in English. However, we would like to know from you, whether this is also your preference, or whether you would prefer it differently. Below are the results of our survey, in which no less than 89 members participated.

What do you prefer in a film with English as spoken language? 

Subtitles in Dutch: 53% 

Subtitles in English: 40% 

No subtitles: 7% 


What do you prefer in a film with Dutch as spoken language? 

Subtitles in English: 40% 

Subtitles in Dutch: 26% 

No subtitles: 34% 


What do you prefer in a film with a spoken language other than Dutch or English? (e.g. French, Korean, ...?) 

Subtitles in Dutch: 48% 

Subtitles in English: 52%


Thank you for your feedback. The league board will adopt the results of the survey.

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